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Count of Monte Cristo Poster

Count of Monte Cristo

Manitou Opera House
325 Main St., Manitou, MB

Edmond Dantes is young, vibrant, and successful. He has just earned the position of Captain of the good ship Pharaon, and is about to marry the love of his life. But the avarice and envy of his so-called friends and a singular event would change his life forever. Arrested on his wedding day, he is torn from his bride and father. Thrown into a dungeon in the Chateau d'If without cause or trial, he is doomed to spend his life in a dark prison. When all hope is lost he makes an unlikely friend and in this new relationship, he discovers the truth of his plight. 

After a miraculous escape, Edmond returns to society with a new wealth of knowledge and riches, as well as a new identity. Carefully planning each step, the new Count of Monte Cristo is now poised to carefully exact retribution... But will revenge consume him?

Set against the tumultuous years of the Napoleonic Revolution, Alexandre Dumas' thrilling adventure is one of romance, mystery, and intrigue.  Candlewick Players bring this new adaptation of the thrilling adventure to the stage for their 6th annual summer performance.


  • Friday, July 27, 7:30 PM
  • Saturday, July 28, 7:30 PM
  • Sunday, July 29, 2:30 PM

  • Friday, Aug 3, 7:30 PM
  • Saturday, Aug 4, 7:30 PM

Performances a Grand Experience!

Edmond and Mercedes Garden Party Encounter Masquerade Confrontation

The Cast

Alphabetical Order

  • Ruth Barker (La Riviere) - Crowd
  • Cailyn Blagdon (Carman) - Eugenie Danglars / Crowd
  • Craig Blagdon (Carman) - Old M. Dantes / Magistrate / M. Noirtier
  • Nicole Blagdon (Carman) - Giselle / Crowd
  • Jason Dyck (Winkler) - Jailer / Andrea Cavalcanti / Doctor / Judge
  • Jenny Dyck (Morden) - Mercedes
  • Bruce Fehr (Winkler) - Jacapo / Crowd
  • Trevor Fehr (Morden) - Soldier / Debray / Magistrate / Crowd
  • Chuck Fefchak (Miami) - M. Morrel
  • Tony Friesen (Morris) - Soldier / Bandit / Crowd
  • Lisa Froese (Winkler) - Marquise / Baptistin
  • Nicole Heide (Steinbach) - Valentine / Crowd / Nicolette
  • Aileen Holzrichter (Winkler) - Crowd
  • Liam Klassen (La Riviere) - Peppino / Crowd
  • Luke Klassen (Winkler) - Albert de Morcerf / Crowd
  • Tristan Klassen (La Riviere) - Maxmillian / Crowd
  • Xander Klassen (La Riviere) - Edward Villefort
  • Mahalia Lepage (Morden) - Madame Danglars / Crowd
  • Alex Loewen (Morris) - M. Villefort
  • Rhiannon Martindale-Wetherup (Miami) - Renee / Crowd
  • Karen Moores (Manitou) - Servant / Crowd
  • Chana Penner (Steinbach) - Madeleine Caderousse / Madame Villefort
  • Steven Popplestone (Pilot Mound) - Franz D'Epinay / Crowd
  • Sean Rendall (Manitou) - Luigi Vampa / Soldier
  • Melanie Rouire (Miami) - Melaina / Crowd
  • Darcy Stobbe (Altona) - M. Danglars
  • Skye Thorleifson (Manitou) - Fernand Mondego
  • Brandon Vink (Morden) - Edmond Dantes (Count of Monte Cristo
  • Clarke Wainikka (Morden) - Haidee / Crowd
  • Matthew Wall (Altona) - Caderousse / Abbe Faria
  • Thaddeus Wall (Altona) - Crowd


  • Producer/Director - Richard J. Klassen (La Riviere)
  • Assistant Director - Alex Loewen (Morris)
  • Assistant to the Producer - Robert Riddell (Miami)
  • Actor's Coaches - Ruth Barker (La Riviere), Steven Popplestone (Pilot Mound)
  • Box Office - Vanessa Klassen (La Riviere), Walter Mueller (Manitou)
  • Choreographer - Marilee Schroeder (Morden)
  • Costume Coordinators - Ruth Barker (La Riviere), Vanessa Klassen (La Riviere)
  • Costume Assistants - Arlene Barker (MacGregor), Elsie Banman (Morden), Lorine Fox (Manitou), Kathy Froese (Darlingford), Jeanette Hoeppner (Winkler), Angela Klassen (Winkler), Mary Klassen (La Riviere), Esther Krahn (Crystal City), Anna Martens (Kaleida), Janice Unrau (Snowflake)
  • Facility Supervision - Loretta Thorleifson (Manitou), Tristan Klassen (La Riviere)
  • Front of House Coordinator - Janice Unrau (Snowflake)
  • Front of House Assistance - Vanessa Klassen (La Riviere)
  • Hair Coordinator - Lorine Fox (Manitou)
  • Makeup Coordinator - Jennifer Dobson (Manitou)
  • Marketing Design - Eagleye Printing (Morden)
  • Marketing Assistants - Viola Giesbrecht (Oakville)
  • Playwright - Richard J. Klassen
  • Properties Coordinator - Rhonda Friesen (Morden), Richard J. Klassen (La Riviere)
  • Radio Promotion - Goldenwest Radio (Myron Cornelson)
  • Set Construction - Richard J. Klassen (La Riviere), Craig Blagden (Carman), Cordell Ducharme (Manitou), Bruce Fehr (Winkler), Tristan Klassen (La Riviere), Sean Rendall (Manitou), Ashley Toevs (Winnipeg)
  • Set Painting - Cailyn Blagden (Carman), Nicole Blagden (Carman), Mikah Harms (Snowflake), Jennifer Nichol (Darlingford), Ashley Toevs (Winnipeg)
  • Stage Manager - Rhonda Friesen (Morden)
  • Assistant Stage Managers - Peter Wrightson (Manitou), Bailey Zacharias (Morden), Olivia Zacharias (Morden)
  • Technical Director - Quinton Ducharme (Manitou)
  • Web Promo - Connor Holenski
  • Website - Richard J. Klassen / Eagleye Design

Play produced by special arrangement with "The Wicks" Writer's Guild.